We only make Good things.

Farsighted Creative was founded  in 2020 by Maggie Hartmans and Brittany Zampella, two best friends who couldn’t stop dreaming about making the world a better place through films and visual storytelling. With 12+ years of industry experience, they’re dedicated to making Good content that is kind to our planet, allowing people to see a more empathetic and hopeful future for us all.

who we are

Our film sets have zero plastic waste, low-energy LED equipment, environment-friendly catering and other climate-friendly practices.

Green sets

ethically sourced

We put the well-being, livelihood, and mental health of our partners, employees, and freelancers over deadlines and monetary gain. Out of respect for the value of their work and contribution to the world, we always pay contracted artists reasonable rates in a timely manner.

people over profit

We recognize the impact of film and media on our culture (for better or worse) and make a point to consider the cultural ramifications of the stories that we tell.

media literacy

thoughtful representation

We prioritize partnering with brands that put their own Good into the world. 

We elevate opportunities for creative talents in underrepresented genders, races, and identities.

maggie hartmans

brittany zampella