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At Farsighted Creative, we go beyond simply selling products or services – we celebrate the individuals behind them and their unwavering passion. By collaborating closely with owners, makers, and world-changers, we craft compelling narratives that authentically convey the essence of who you are and why you love your brand.

Our team of experts is committed to offering strategic recommendations that align with your goals and create a lasting emotional connection with your audience. Our focus on empathy and people-first storytelling extends to the audience and consumers as well, often highlighting how brands & orgs can foster community or improve quality of life.

Whether you're a multi-million dollar company with a life-changing product or a non-profit dedicated to saving the world, we invite you to reach out and discover how we can share your story!

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"We interviewed and researched several different producers and decided on Farsighted Creative based on one key component: their desire and approach to understanding who we are and what we do. That passion drove the video capture and produced a product that far exceeded anything I could have imagined."

adam V. Mcintyre, CEo Water & Land solutions


"Farsighted Creative impressed us with their ability to capture the emotions in our patients' stories. They created a warm and peaceful atmosphere on set, making even the most camera-shy feel comfortable. Their editing skills produced an incredibly emotional final product that truly reflects the impact we have on our patients' lives."

RESTORE medical group


“I was blown away by the speed and quality of Farsighted Creative’s work for our capital campaign. We got so many compliments on the video from people who then became customers and investors, allowing us to yield a 20x ROI!”

rachel kois, founder & ceo of simple switch

"Farsighted Creative was fantastic to work with! They met every deadline, were extremely responsive, creative, and receptive to feedback. The final assets we received were beautiful and you could tell a lot of care and thought went into their editing. We would highly recommend working with them!"

event videos

"The Farsighted Creative team is amazing not only because of their incredible talent behind the camera, but due to their wonderful, caring, and altruistic hearts. They are able to capture great content in high stake situations, adapt on the go (all with a smile), go above and beyond to support our staff, and love our Dream Kids so well – which all is showcased in their incredible videos as they share our Dream Kids stories. We are so grateful to have them as part of our Dream Team!"

noelle barlow, senior program coordinator, dream on 3 rocky mountain

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Through our partnership with, we carbon off-set all of our production costs so your production will be carbon neutral!