sustainable set consulting

Farsighted Creative provides a holistic, 3-point plan to make your production sustainable and carbon neutral. 

step one: sustainability coordinator

It’s hard to keep track of waste and emissions when you’re just trying to make an indie film! With one of our sustainability coordinators, every aspect of your production is assessed and optimized for the least amount of waste and carbon emissions. Services include: 

  • Crew sustainability training
  • Custom water bottles & coffee travelers for each crew member. Eliminates single-waste plastic and makes a great crew gift! 
  • Supply zero-waste items 
  • Take care of washing/laundry
  • Vegan/eco-friendly meal options
  • Manage waste on set/enforce recycling & composting
  • Coordinate hauling for recycling & compost waste
  • Mail back batteries to “Better Battery” for recycling
  • Coordinate with Transpo to reduce vehicle emissions
  • Collect mileage from crew members
  • Coordinate with HMU to use eco-friendly/ethical products
  • Supply sustainable items through production partnerships

step two: green production resources

The SIMPLE SWITCH PRODUCTION KIT swaps everyday set items with their eco-friendly counterparts, including bamboo paper items, carbon neutral recyclable batteries, fair trade coffee, trash bags, and delicious crafty snacks.

We coordinate with ECO-CYCLE to ensure proper hauling of recycled and composted waste after wrap. 

We work closely with PROPHOTO to provide the most energy efficient equipment, from lights to camera batteries. 

We coordinate with WE DON’T WASTE to eliminate food waste on set by finding a home for uneaten meals and craft services. 

step three: carbon offsetting

With, we’ve developed an auditing system to determine the carbon footprint of various elements of production. From crew mileage to wattage used in each location, we determine the cost of carbon offsetting as part of your production budget (it’s cheaper than you think!).

a-la-carte consulting services

We consult with you during pre-production to provide sustainable solutions and budget your eco-friendly needs.


Did you already shoot something and want to offset the carbon? We can do a one-off carbon offset for previous productions. (But remember, carbon offsetting is not nearly as good for the planet as making a plan to eliminate waste/emissions in pre-production!) 


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